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The project went on in a quick span of time. The electrician was able to finish the job very well even if he was under time pressure then. The job is meant for an hourly basis. I was so happy that it was clean yet fast. Good job guys!


Our electrical outlets at home are tripping off. We were so scared, since my husband is always at work and I am home with 2 small kids. I cannot do anything if it sparks and explode. Good thing your electricians came and help us. They did a great job!


I cannot remember anymore the number of outlets and switches that must be replaced in our house. Good thing, the electricians came in and counted them. They have it listed and were able to provide a complete list in the quote.


I am so happy with the good service. The electricians are courteous and friendly. I never regret the day I called your company and asked for help. The next day the electricians came in and fix the problem. Thank you for a job well done.


I am so impressed with the way your electricians work. They did a great job in helping us with home rewiring. We never thought that the job will go on as fine as it was. Thank you for a job well done. Keep up the good work guys!


One of your electricians gave as a total yet estimated amount. It was actually $200 less than the other company we have dealt with, so I give it a go. I was so happy with the result and the job went well too.


I was trying to do a DIY when one of the wires tripped off. My wife was so scared and so do I. We called your company to ask for help and they never hesitated to give a hand. They were there just right on time. Good job guys! I appreciate your help.


The city electrician checked our old house if it is following the code meant for new houses today. We were planning to sell it. To my surprised, it was not under the code. We need to do a home rewiring then. We do not know what to do. Good thing your electrician were able to come and finished the job on time.


All the while I thought that the rewiring process will not work well for me. That it will take much of my time and money. Good thing I was able to contact your company for help. The electricians did a good job.


I was so happy, because when I set an appointment. Someone came from the company and do the ocular inspection. We were able to talk and they have submitted a quote which I approved. Thanks for a job well done guys! You made this complicated task simpler for me.